The Human Capital Index effectively captures a country’s future productivity

The research has been pointing for over 100 years now towards the value of investing in human skills [1] yet the reality of our heeding the voice of reason and bridging that gap between investment in technical, physical and other such tangible assets is sorely lacking.  The drivers of such disparity I propose centre in a lack of clarity of what the long term commitment to human capital requires.  This is where I believe the Human Capital Index (HCI) can offer a guide and baseline from which to measure those longer term rewards.  Our inability to date to see the bigger picture can no longer be ignored [2] and although far from comprehensive or indivisible, the HCI has the potential to galvanise countries into action.

Actual Dollars Spent

The first question I have on whether the HCI effectively captures a country’s future productivity is – What is Productivity?  The definition from Cambridge dictionary states ‘the rate at which a company or country makes goods, usually judged in connection with the number of people and the amount of materials necessary to produce the goods’.  However I would question is this the only way in which we can define productivity. Certainly there are others that pose such questions, like writer Charles Duhigg who defines productivity as ‘making certain choices in certain ways‘.  I propose that the HCI captures both of these versions of the definition of productivity.

It’s a sad reality that since the inception in 2015 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals there has not been significant improvements in the attainment of those goals towards the targets set for 2030 [3] yet when you look at the Gross World Product the world economy continues to grow exponentially, projected at around US$86.60 trillion in nominal terms, according to IMF [4] for 2019.  How did we get to a point where there is enough money, food and resources in the world to ensure every human being has the basic necessities of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs met yet there is increasing inequality among and within countries. With our most vulnerable being left further and further behind, the urgent attention needed on climate action, there is surely no doubt the global problems we are facing must be measured in terms of something other than financial return.

UN sustainable_development_goals

Change however happens in incremental, retrospective or immediate terms, depending on your perspective and the precedence of using the force of an object to divert the course of it’s trajectory isn’t just a concept but a universal law – that’s what we have the opportunity to experience through the HCI.  Change In terms of productivity that uses the world’s focus on GDP to widen the lens and bring in the human capital component of the equation which has been inadequately represented on our current path to growth.  The trajectory of our future as a human species and in terms of the world surely can’t ignore such factors which still answer the question of what financial return is expected to be realised in such an investment.

The impetus of such measurement is to determine the outcomes of planned initiatives in their ability to move the needle, drive accountability and ultimately measure success.  The Human Capital Project and resultant Index provides the foundation from which a country can implement a data informed approach to determining the priorities for investment that focuses on a future which will concurrently address the urgent needs highlighted by the 2030 Agenda [3].  One of the key determining factors in whether the HCI will effectively capture a country’s future productivity can’t be answered here or anywhere categorically because that key determining factor will be the engagement of the countries involved and the World Bank Group’s ability to capture the data and continue to progress the projects pre-supposition to scale up the measurement and research.  It is this human being’s hope and earnest request that my country build’s the #AusWeWant [5].



[1] A Study of Engineering Education, authored by Charles Riborg Mann and published in 1918 by the Carnegie Foundation.

[2] The Global Human Capital Report 2017

[3] The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019


[5] The Australia We Want 2016

Women Leading in Change

“Women Leading in Change, a Female Wave of Change Transformation Journey”

I am so grateful for having found my tribe…

Do you ponder what is the meaning of life? Your life… Are you interested in doing more, being more, creating more? What is MORE? What’s possible…  I’ve always been fascinated by human behaviour and what best place to start and examine the intricacies of the human condition than with me #360Me

Last year was a significant shift in my development as a human.  Starting with 10 days of Vipassana – which is a particular type of meditation technique learned by attending a residential course with a qualified teacher where you are free from distractions so that the reality within can be observed.  Meditation has been part of my life for 10+ years now, I’m not religious with it but I have witnessed the beneficial effects first hand so it will continue to remain in what I do.

That same drive and desire to actively seek out new experiences and learning opportunities is in part why I was also drawn to the Female Wave of Change.  Working on behalf of Recruiting Solutions at the time I was networking a LOT and one of those meetings I arranged was with the brilliant Mireille Toulekima, with whom I shared my vision for the Workforce of The Future and she saw how my passion and purpose was aligned, so she suggested that I meet with the board of FWoC to explore the potential of becoming an ambassador for Australia.

FWoC Purpose Core Values_Picture

Female Wave of Change is a global movement that unites women changing the world into a better place.  Mireille was right I did resonate with the core values and purpose and I wanted to make a dent in the universe, this organisation was going to give me a safe place to be my authentic self and empower me to become the changemaker I dared to dream of.  Through the Women Leading in Change program I met some amazing women, like me who dared to dream.

The 10 week program is a transformation journey and the value I got out of it immense.  The mentorship and guidance of the teachers like Mireille, Nienke, Mam Yvonne and all the other wise women involved is a testament to the support and focus on human values.  With their guidance I was able to reflect on my strengths, the unique value I can contribute and with compassion, collaboration and an abundance mindset develop a roadmap for change.

Although the program for me has been completed, it’s only step 1.  The vision for this organisation and the program being developed will Reshape the Future, with our help…  Because the value we get out of the program can only be honoured in the actions we now take.

This is the point at which you get to choose your next adventure… maybe Regenopause or The Pain Barrier or just as awesome would be if you share your thoughts – you can add them below or engage me direct

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Dear World…

Scenario: Imagine sitting down and writing a letter to everyone on the planet that will not be opened and read for 25 years. It’s an expression of what you hope has happened in that time. 

This was the opportunity given to me by the book Truth, Growth, Repeat by Mike Edmonds – an awesome book with a practical application for anyone in business, start-up mode or even just wanting to work out your purpose and what to do next.  There is a reason it’s title includes the statement [a business manual for generation why] and I highly recommend it.

Leadership Quote

I figure there’s no need to pussy foot around, it’s self explanatory as to what this is all about so here goes…

Dear World…

In 2019 there were fears about the jobs of the future, distrust of capitalism and because of Industry 4.0 in addition to Society 5.0 massive uncertainty for humanity’s ability to adapt, embrace and expand with the universe instead of spiraling into a black hole of unconsciousness. I had faith, belief, a knowingness that conscious capitalism, our endeavor for meaning and oneness would prevail and it has. The basic needs for all beings have been met, the UN Sustainable Development goals were delivered and then some… The spark of innovation, creativity and compassion continues to drive changes in our society, through community engagement, economic empowerment and personal growth… What started as a concept for a consortium approach to upgrade humanity from the top down was successful because we never wavered from delivering on our commitments, we were unfuckwithable, self assured, future focused and through continual learning we achieved our targets within just 3 short years. What started as a concept, developed into a business and eventually became a movement that drove humanity forward at a pace equal to technology. R. Buckminster Fuller was right, the relay race was touch-and-go and I’m eternally grateful for the wonderful humans who led the charge, reminded those around them of just how brilliant they were too and how collectively we helped make it to Utopia.

Love Always Ms Susanne

I’d also like to share with you my journal entry (one year from now) which is another way to put it out to the universe and start to manifest the reality you want to see in the world.

Journal Entry

Date: …..30/07/2020………….

I am so grateful for the last year. In the last year I have achieved so many of my goals, I feel energized by my environment as it inspires and supports me and my family; I am surrounded by positivity, love, abundance and success.  I am part of a community that values diversity, inclusion and empowerment.  I have an abundance of time for myself and those I love and there is an element of fun in everything we do. 

My personal cash flow has increased and now enables me to pursue travel, adventures and growth experiences that were just not possible a year ago… it all seemed so restrictive and precarious back then and at the same time I knew I had put myself in that situation so I could learn from it and develop the grit to leverage my value if ever the opportunity presents itself again. I’m so grateful I can also now speak to this and share my knowledge with others.

My personal wealth has tripled, and I am now actively engaged in projects that educate and drive humanity forward also this has enabled me to support and encourage other humanity and environment plus enterprises and start-ups.

I love myself unconditionally, I am enough, and I have achieved this through exposing myself to continual learning experiences, becoming the servant leader who attracts and works with such amazing individuals that support me in my life and growth.

My business has taken off in ways I never thought possible, the groundswell and support proves to me that humanity is heading in the right direction, there are enough conscious individuals on the planet that are driven to making changes in society through community engagement, economic empowerment and personal growth.

My customers are my tribe, as is my team, our partners and our suppliers – the whole ecology is symbiotic and self-perpetuating.  I have developed my relationships through affinity, communication, a shared reality and understanding.

I am healthy physically and mentally, nourishing and being kind to myself every day, my daily practices provide me with ongoing growth through experience of self and others because I am constantly in choice of my thoughts, words and actions.  This enables me to engage with, learn and see all the beauty this world has to offer.

I schedule regular adventures that I haven’t had before, some of them just everyday activities like walking down a different street to get to a known destination and because of my wealth I am able to share in my love of adventure, my abundance and success with those closest to me.  Throughout these adventures I actively contribute to the environment I am in so to support and promote engagement with the community, communicating with presence, intention and a desire to understand.

My net wealth is a direct result of my network and I have grown and support the community I am in, investing 10% of my wealth (time + money) to education, skills development and experiential based learning for all.

My next year is going to continue to be filled with the experiences, growth and contribution that speak to my heart and enable me to continue sharing my love with the world, my fellow human beings and the universe…

Even if I achieve only one tenth of what I am working towards [note: this shit doesn’t just happen by sitting in your room and ‘wishing’ or repeating it in some kind of affirmation] I will be very proud of myself because I’ve taken a step towards the future, my future, the one I envision and I want to manifest with all my heart and a burning passion that means I get up early; read absorb and implement; talk to, collaborate and engage with the kind of individuals who have been there and done it… [that’s the action bit you want to do if you actually want to make this shit happen]

I hope this has rattled your cage and awakened something in you to get down your own vision for the world.  Now this is the point at which you get to choose your next adventure… MOFO or Missed the G Spot or just as awesome would be if you share your thoughts – you can add them below or engage me direct

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