To BE or NOT to BE, hasn’t that been the age old question…

I am not a woman who has children, however I’m thinking of your children and your children’s children when I consider my choices NOW.. I want a better world and the more and more I learn from long term thinking[1] and indigenous cultures, the more I realise it’s not about the NOW

Yes it’s about NOW in terms of being PRESENT, which I’ve heard every single one of us say at one point in time, however I’m yet to see many demonstrate this philosophy given the amount of people I hear talk about the latest COVID numbers, their dating inadequacies, their children’s lack of responsibility and one’s financial barriers… not to say I’m immune – I’m NOT! In fact those who know me understand the struggle I’ve been through in all of those fields and the lived experience I bring to this point in my life…


I am however chosing to focus my attention on what I can control, given as much as I’d like to think I might, I’m simply in truth unable to affect any of these… What I know is in my CONTROL and I try to remind myself of daily, so I can ensure my intention is focused on the positive rather than the negative, is: Washing my hands constantly and consistently; Investing in loving my SELF first; Choosing to be comfortable in front of children about my drinking, being on my phone, being angry / emotional and the like; Financial…

I’ll get back to you on that one… I’m still trying to navigate & implement Your Money or Your Life[2] so although I know the concepts, unlike the other aspects of my journey I’m WAY OFF getting outta the treadmill thought patterns of my cultural beliefs on what I ‘SHOULD’ be ‘SHOULD’ have ‘SHOULD’ want more of… NOT to say I’ve worked out the rest of that other shit either, FAR from it… I have however gratefully come to a baseline of ‘BE’ing that fits with this skin bag #BEU 😍😅🤣🤘

[1] The Good Ancestor: Roman Kznaric [2] Your Money or Your Life: Vicki Robin and Joe Domiquez

Author: Ms Susanne

I believe my purpose in life is to drive changes in our society through community engagement, economic empowerment and personal growth.

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