Women Leading in Change

“Women Leading in Change, a Female Wave of Change Transformation Journey”

I am so grateful for having found my tribe…

Do you ponder what is the meaning of life? Your life… Are you interested in doing more, being more, creating more? What is MORE? What’s possible…  I’ve always been fascinated by human behaviour and what best place to start and examine the intricacies of the human condition than with me #360Me

Last year was a significant shift in my development as a human.  Starting with 10 days of Vipassana – which is a particular type of meditation technique learned by attending a residential course with a qualified teacher where you are free from distractions so that the reality within can be observed.  Meditation has been part of my life for 10+ years now, I’m not religious with it but I have witnessed the beneficial effects first hand so it will continue to remain in what I do.

That same drive and desire to actively seek out new experiences and learning opportunities is in part why I was also drawn to the Female Wave of Change.  Working on behalf of Recruiting Solutions at the time I was networking a LOT and one of those meetings I arranged was with the brilliant Mireille Toulekima, with whom I shared my vision for the Workforce of The Future and she saw how my passion and purpose was aligned, so she suggested that I meet with the board of FWoC to explore the potential of becoming an ambassador for Australia.

FWoC Purpose Core Values_Picture

Female Wave of Change is a global movement that unites women changing the world into a better place.  Mireille was right I did resonate with the core values and purpose and I wanted to make a dent in the universe, this organisation was going to give me a safe place to be my authentic self and empower me to become the changemaker I dared to dream of.  Through the Women Leading in Change program I met some amazing women, like me who dared to dream.

The 10 week program is a transformation journey and the value I got out of it immense.  The mentorship and guidance of the teachers like Mireille, Nienke, Mam Yvonne and all the other wise women involved is a testament to the support and focus on human values.  With their guidance I was able to reflect on my strengths, the unique value I can contribute and with compassion, collaboration and an abundance mindset develop a roadmap for change.

Although the program for me has been completed, it’s only step 1.  The vision for this organisation and the program being developed will Reshape the Future, with our help…  Because the value we get out of the program can only be honoured in the actions we now take.

This is the point at which you get to choose your next adventure… maybe Regenopause or The Pain Barrier or just as awesome would be if you share your thoughts – you can add them below or engage me direct susie@mssusanne.com.au

If you’re not ready to take your next adventure now then you can always subscribe and come back later…


Author: Ms Susanne

I believe my purpose in life is to drive changes in our society through community engagement, economic empowerment and personal growth.

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